Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Day in the Life ...

I just thought it would be fun to post something about how my average day goes ... not that I'm all that interesting, but here goes nothing ...

At night my sleeping arrangement is not one of the most comfortable and relaxing that you can imagine. Infact, it's far from any of those things. At approx 8pm my 4 month old baby gets cranky and tired = bed time. So I nurse her (me sitting up) on the couch until she's fast asleep and off to dream land she goes. Once I have her sleeping good enough that I can manuever around her and get off the couch. Then it's time to start getting my 6yr old child ready for bed. I instruct her to go brush her teeth and change into her pajamas, and all those bedtime things that she needs to do. Then we go to her bed and lay side by side and read story books. After the story books are all read - we lay there and talk about all kinds of things (I've come to really treasure this time with her). She's always hesitant to let me go - even after 20 minutes or so she wants "just one more story" ... or "don't go yet- I want to talk some more." But eventually mommy does have to get up and you do have to go to bed. So once I manage to tuck her in and turn the light on dim, it's usually around 10pm or so. And that is when I get my "me" time. It's the ONLY "me" time I do get. After the kids are sleeping (assuming their both sleeping well). Of course some nights I no sooner get done tucking in my 6yr old and my baby is waking back up to be nursed again ! Anyway, where was I ... Oh yes ... ME time. If I have ANY energy left after the day, I get on the computer and update my facebook, check my emails, respond to anything I need to, (now) update my blog, and so on. I end up awake until atleast 2am most nights doing this. (yawn)
Once I'm so pooped I don't even want to look at the computer anymore I go to bed. Well, actually ... I go to the couch ! I maneuver back onto the couch right beside my baby in the sitting (nursing) position, and then prop my legs up (we have a recliner couch) and nurse my baby who is now awake again. She goes to sleep and then I try to get some beauty sleep. The couch is my "bed" all night in that position. "Why" you might ask ... well because that's how my baby sleeps best. When I move her (like to the crib) she wakes up. Which means then I lose even more sleep. I KNOW I need to break this habit though, and I need to get some GOOD sleep in my bed with my hubby. But I'm to tired and lazy to do it usually. I always think about moving her to her crib - but never have the energy to deal with the consequences (her waking up). (yawn)
Anyway - I'm rambling and need to move on ... so we'll skip through the night that seems way to short and go to morning when my baby and 6yr old wake up (after the baby has woke up several times during the night to nurse). I have always been a morning person - and enjoyed getting up early. But these days ... ugh. that's all I have to say. We wake up, I change baby's diaper, then if everything goes as planned : we have morning devotions which included reading a religious child's book about women of the Bible, singing church songs, and praying. Then we get a bite to eat and start home school. Or course during all of this, "baby" has to be bouncing on my knee, or I have to make goo goo faces at her and so forth - since she's very dependent on me at this point and wants my constant attention. And she only takes cat naps - she sleeps for like 20minutes 3 times a day. So homeschooling and keeping baby happy (changing diapers, nursing, feeding, making goo goo faces, etc.) - that's most of my day. By the time my husband gets home I am SOOOOO ready for him to take the baby ! To bad once he DOES take her - what a coincidence - it's time for me to make supper. So then I cook up something good and we eat. Baby eats then to - she loves her hawaiian delight, pears & apples, and custard with bananas. She also LOVES apple juice (what baby doesn't !?). While we're eating - baby has to have food CONSTANTLY going into her mouth. So the trick is - we all take turns. We sit her where we can all reach her and while one of us takes a bite - the other is giving her a bite and we just sorta rotate. When her big sister is feeding her - the food ends up all over her face, on her hands, on her clothes, and every other place you can imagine ! So once supper is over, it's time to get her bath ready and get her in it ! After getting her ready for her bath, and at times getting peed on, and even pooped on ! she gets in her little yellow ducky bath and makes "wow" eyes at her bath cup. She loves that thing and never ceases to be amazed by it. lol. Meanwhile our older girl is off doing her own thing ... which usually includes making some kind of a mess. Then after the bath - it's bed time again. Wow - where did the day go !!!  That's just an average day - which doesn't include any crazy incidents and so forth. It also doesn't include doing a photo session. Days I have photo sessions - everything still goes pretty much like I just said (well actually ... typed) but hubby has to babysit during the session. So that's the only thing different.

In conclusion ... I have no time for laundry, dishes, dusting, sweeping, or any kind of cleaning. Let alone any ME time ! So my house is a wreck these days, and many things get behind. Anyone have a live in maid and secretary that will work for meals ?
But it's all worth it, and I love and adore my children and husband.
Sometimes photography sort of gives me a "break" of sorts. I know I'm still "working" - but sometimes we need interaction with other adults to keep us sane ! And I do enjoy what I do.

Ok, enough rambling ! I apploud (sp?) you if you read this far ! ha ! Thanks for reading.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Working on my Blog

Wow I only WISH I was advanced at Blog Customization. sigh. I guess this will have to do for now (until I figure some things out). I hope you all like it ! It's a work in progress, so bare with me. 

Anyway, here are a few recent shots I have to share with you all from some recent sessions :
One from a recent Newborn Session :
 Teen Session :
 Siblings :

 Family :

 Another Sibling & Family Session :

 And another Family session :

 Puppies !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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